All parties desiring to use water to be supplied by the Powder Mountain Water and Sewer Improvement District shall be governed by the following Rules and Regulations, and all amendments or additions thereto, and said Rules and Regulations, together with all amendments and additions thereto are made a part of the contract of every person who takes water from the District. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time by the Board of Trustees without notice. Any matter not expressly covered by a rule or regulation shall be determined by the Board of Trustees as the problem arises.

  1. Application for water and sewer made by owner or occupant of premises.

Application for water must be made at the District Office by the owner of occupant of the premises to be supplied on forms to be provided by the District.  Water bills are due on the 15th of each month. Billing is monthly as a convenience for the billing department and as directed by the Board of Trustees.

  1. Water supplied to several parties from one connection.

In all cases where water is supplied to several parties or tenants from one connection with the supply controlled by one stop cock, upon the failure of any of the persons so supplied to abide by these rules and regulations water shall be shut off by the District. If a building has but one meter to supply more than one subscriber to the water use then each user on that meter agrees to pay his proportionate share of the total bill. However each user will be counted as a separate ad individual user for billing purpose. ie: If there are four (4) users on a meter, one fourth (1/4) of the total bill will be assessed to each user.

  1. Separate connections required.

A separate connection to the District main is required for each dwelling commercial or other building, were District water is used which has or may have separate frontage on a street or right-of-way regardless of whether or not it is in separate ownership. In cases where there might be one or more separate residence to the rear of the house or residence on the street or frontage areas. This residence must have a separate connection to the main. In the case of a farm dwelling having another building such as a barn in the rear of a residence with service, this owner may supply his barnyard needs from his single meter and connection. However, if his uses require a larger service he shall be governed by Rule 1.22 as to the rates ad Rule 1.15 as to connection charges, and Rule 1.4 as top requirements.

  1. Size connection required
  • The following minimum size connections are required:
  • Schools and churches: To be determined between the responsible party in charge and t Superintendent using the rate chart as set up in Rule 1.25 to amount of fixtures and requirements.
  • Commercial: Not less than ¾ inch. Larger if desired by connector and within the limits of the mains.
  • Single family units: Not less than ¾ inch.
  • Multiple dwelling units: Such as duplex, triplex, fourplex shall have a required minimum connection of 1 inch, this shall apply in cases where the owner of such building makes application as set forth in Rule 1.1 and agrees to pay connection fees and monthly charges. In other cases that may arise such as the owner or tenants wishing separate meters, the units must be regarded as separate residences and the rules governing them as shall apply. Multiple dwelling units with 5-12 units shall have service of not less than 1 ½ inch. Requirements larger than these prescribed shall be determined by the Board of Trustees and their Superintendent.
  1. Alterations to be made by licensed plumber

No alteration or extensions shall be made in any District meter main, pipe, fixture, meter and the like to the meter stop-cock except by licensed plumber. Service lines after going through meter may be installed by the owner, provided all work is inspected by the District and conforms to standards set by the Uniform Plumbing Code.

  1. District reserves the right to shut off water to make repairs, etc.

The District reserves the right at any time, without notice, to shut off the water in its mains for the purpose of making repairs or extensions of r other purposes.

  1. District employees have access to premises.

District employees reserves the right to have access at all reasonable hours to the premises supplies with water to see that the rules are observed, and to make any necessary examinations of the plumbing or water fixtures, or to change, read, or repair meters. Lines leading from main to meters are the responsibility of the subscriber and must be repaired and kept in good condition as directed by the District. All work on lines must be performed by a licensed plumber.

  1. No persons allowed to turn any District stop-cock, etc. without a permit.

No persons, without written permit from the District, is allowed to turn any District stop-cock, curb-cock, hydrant or valve.

  1. Damage to gate, valve, etc. removed.

No person shall, without proper authority remove or tamper with any gate, valve, gatehouse, air-vent, air-box, cover, main pipe or service box, raise or open any doors, fountains or fire hydrants. Any damage done to the equipment           belonging to, or part of the District, shall be punishable by law and the maximum penalty enforced.

  1. Lay any main or service pipe, open service-cock or fire hydrant without permission.

No person shall, without proper authority lay any main or service pipe or take water therefrom, open or shut ay service-cock or fire hydrant. Remove or unscrew wholly or partially the cap from such from hydrant.

  1. Taps

All taps will be made by the District on the application of the plumbers or owners. Notice that taps are wanted must be filed in writing, stating the number of the street, name of the applicant, name of the plumber, size of corporation cock or meter and the time it is wanted. Notice must be given at least twenty-four hours previous to the time when excavation is begun, tap in main will be made as soon thereafter as a District agent is available. No two taps shall be made in any of the distributing mains in less than four feet of each other.

  1. Water turned on.

The water must not be turned on to any premises except by an employee of the District, only as it may be turned to test the work, to be turned off immediately after the test is made.

  1. Water pipes not allowed in the same trench as sewer or gas mains.

Water pipes are not allowed in the same trench with sewer or gas mains, but separate trenches must be provided for their accommodation. The distances of the trench accommodating the water line shall in no case be closer than three feet to the trench accommodating the sewer pipe. In cases of private sewage systems, such as septic tanks, the waterlines shall be closer than ten feet to any such systems. If the trench for water services should be dug unevenly the places being too deep shall be filled with a non-settling material, to a level point to prevent settling which might damage the service pipe.

  1. District may change rules.

The District may change the Rules and Regulations from time to time and make special rates, adjustments of contracts in all proper cases, and may shut off the water for non-payment of water charge or for neglect of refusal to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the District, for alterations, extensions or repairs, and may stop or restrict the supply of water when it may be found necessary or advantageous to the District. The District shall not be liable under any circumstances for a deficiency or failure in its supply of water whenever it is necessary to shut off the water in its mains for the purpose of making repairs for any cause whatsoever.

  1. Connection Charges

The connection charge shall be $5,000.00 (Five thousand) for each residential unit served by the system. The connection fee shall include tapping of main, but does not include service line from main to meter.

  1. Waste of water. Maintenance of service line. Condition of hydrants, etc.

Consumers shall keep their hydrants, faucets, valves and all other fixtures, service pipes, other than the main, in good condition at their own expense. Whenever it shall be found that service pipes or any fixtures on consumers premises are broken or not in serviceable condition, the consumer will upon notice make the necessary repairs or replacements at his expense. Should he fail to do so the water will be turned off and not turned back on until said repairs or replacements have been made and the cost of turning the water on and off. Water will not be furnished where there are defective or leaking closets, faucets, or other fixtures. Where said leaky or defective water closets, faucets or other fixtures are found and not remedied, the water will be turned off. Water must not be kept running to keep pipes from freezing, all water ways must be closed when hot in use.

  1. Corporation cocks and taps.

The District will furnish the corporation cocks and insert then on the water main in all cases. It is unlawful for any person whomsoever, except a duly authorized agent or employee of said District to inset any corporation cock or make any tap in the water mains or pipes of the District. The charges for the materials and labor incident to the tapping of any main as aforesaid larger than ¾ inch shall be in accordance with a schedule which shall be fixed by the District from time to time. Taps may be made free of charge by the District when system may be improved thereby. In making taps with corporation stops the following rules shall apply:

  • No tap less than ¾ inch will be made, and these are included in the connection fees.
  • All taps shall be of design acceptable to the District and will be installed by the District upon payment of the charges in force at the time of the application for the installation, in accordance with the schedule of charges herein before provided for.
  1. Service pipe and connections

All service and other pipes used underground shall be of cast ductile iron, standard galvanized iron, or extra strong copper or other materials as may be approved by the District. They must be of sufficient strength to stand the water pressure.

In placing all service pipes, copper (or other approved material) connections must be made to the main and bent in an “S” or other form approved by the District to allow for movement of pipes to prevent rupture by settlement.

Copper connections to corporation cocks must not be less than three-quarters (3/4) inch. None except heavy “type K” copper will be allowed. A brass coupling must be used for connecting copper with iron pipe in all cases.

The minimum size service pipe shall be three-quarters (3/4) inch from the main to the stop and waste cock located inside the building.

In supplying houses which are build out to the line of the street and the area extends under sidewalk, the pipe must be run down outside of curb and under area wall securely protected from frost, to the stop and waste cock which shall be inside of building wall.

All runs of pipe, whether original or extensions work, outside of buildings, and all disconnected services must be inspected by the District before being covered up. The instructions in regard to call for tapper shall apply to call for the inspector. If done in accordance with the rules, the inspector will leave his acceptance with the plumber or owner in charge of the work and his certificate shall be attached to the permit on its return. When the services of a tapper are required it will not be necessary to call for the inspector since the tapper will furnish his acceptance. In such case pipes must be connected up in the trench ready for immediate attachment to the main so the lines me be inspected under pressure.

In putting in a service no plumber or owner will be permitted to make use of pipe previously run which does not conform to the rules existing at the time such service is to be used. The plumber or owner must get the department either to reject to have it changed at his own expense and if an entirely new service shall be put in the old one shall be disconnected at the main at the expense of the owner before the water is turned on to the news service.

This rule shall also apply to premises that have been previously plumbed, if not in accordance with existing rules they must be overhauled at the owner’s expense and approved by the department before they are connected with the main.

In all cases where one or more services pipes are connected to the main and a new service is installed to replace the existing service or services, the existing service or services shall be disconnected at the main at the expense of the owner or consumer before tap is made for new services.

All work upon and alterations on extensions of water pipes and size of pipes shall be to the acceptance of the District.

  1. Meters and meter boxes

The District will furnish all meters for all ¾ inch and 1 inch connections larger than this, the District will furnish meters the necessary valves for the connection and the necessary labor for the tap and connections to the meter for a fee determined by the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent. All meters will be placed inside the building and where possible a remote reading will be attached outside the building. The District reserves the right to inspect, read, change or repair the indoor meter whenever necessary.

The properties being served will keep sufficient heating around the meter location at all times to keep meters from freezing or request a disconnect to protect the meter and system from freezing.

All meters over two (2) inches must be provided with a by-pass. The water meter must be placed on the direct water line.

No meter larger in size than the tap on the water main will be installed on any service.

In all cases where one or more service pipes are connected to the main and a new service is installed to replace the existing service of services, the existing service or services shall be disconnected at the main at the expense of the owner or consumer before tap is made for new service.

All work upon and alterations or extension of water pipes and size of pipes shall be to the acceptance of the District.

Not more than one service line may be installed in any one trench.

  1. Stop boxes

A suitable brass stop-cock with round waterways must be placed in the service pipe at the connection to the line surface to control the flow of water through the pipe to the building.

When grading of street makes it necessary to raise a stop box beyond its limit of extension, a rod must be securely riveted to the “tee-head” of the stock cock with collar to hold rod firmly in the center of the box. This rod shall be at least five-eights (5/8) inch round iron and of sufficient strength to stand the strain imposed on it without twisting and its head shall be similar to that of stop cocks.

  1. Rates

The following monthly minimum rates shall be charged for the designated size meters:

¾ inch-$44.00 which will entitle the consumer to use up to and including 5000 gallons per month. For larger than ¾ inch to be hereafter determined by the District.

  1. Water service to property outside the District

Water may be supplied to person residing outside the District who are on or reasonably near the District mains. The connection fee, minimum monthly charge, monthly charge for water shall one and one-half (1 ½) times as much for persons residing outside the District for those in the District. Only the District surplus water may be supplied to persons outside in the event there ceases to be surplus water.

  1. Charges for intermittent use of water

If a fire protective sprinkler system is installed an additional charge of $10.00 per month will be charged for each unit served.

  1. More than one meter. Building use

In cases where more than one meter is required to supply a building or premises, each of said meters shall be billed separately at the regular rate for all water registered through said meter.

All water used for building purposes shall be supplied through metered service, the meter to be installed at the time the tap is made and application and contract for water service is signed.

All water services shall be metered, except the District may allow service on temporary uses.

  1. 25. Non- Connected non-use units or lots and action to be taken for non- payment of water assessment fees.

The water company buys water from Weber Basin. The cost of this water is approximately $125.00 per acre foot per year. One half (1/2) acre foot is required by the State Board of Health to be purchased for your lot or unit each year whether used or not. In addition there are small maintenance costs even though no water is used. It has therefore become necessary to establish both a fee for non-use on non-connected lots or units as well as those connected to the system. The following is the fee schedule:

  1. Non- Connected non- use lots or units- $ 37.00 per month.
  2. A $5.00 late notice fee will be charged on all notices sent on accounts which have not been paid by the 30th of the month.
  3. Interest will be charged at the rate on 2% per month on the unpaid balance after 30 days.
  4. If your bill for your water assessment becomes over ninety days (90) delinquent you will forfeit your connection ownership and when you wish to make a connection you will have to reapply. A connection may or may not be available at the time depending on supply and demand.
  5. When 90 days delinquent, a notice will be sent notifying you that your contract with the water company is being terminated.
  6. You will be given 30 days following notification to correct default by paying all back fees, plus $100.00 termination procedure fee.
  7. New accounts become payable on the 15th day of the month following approval of the application to provide water services to the lot or unit.
  8. Subscribers will be considered properly notified by sending notification to the last address on record.
  9. 26. Subdivisions, condominiums, or other development projects.

Powder Mountain Water and Sewer District will whenever possible supply water to the nearest project boundary upon application by the developer. Charges for such extension of lines will be at rates mutually agreed to by the District and Developer. All lines within the subdivision will be at the expense of the developer and shall be of standards which will meet approval of the District and all County, State and government regulations. All lines must be inspected and have written approval before covering lines.

After completion and acceptance of the newly installed main lines, they will become property of the District for operation and maintenance.

  1. Fixture unit table for determining requirement.

The following table shall be used for determining meter and pipe sized for schools and public buildings.

Fixture Unit tablePrivatePublic
Each Basin1gpm2gpm
Each Water Closet6gpm10gpm
Each Urinal3gpm5gpm
Each Tub2gpm4gpm
Each Shower2gpm4gpm
Each Sink2gpm4gpm
Each Washer2gpm 
Each Hose Connection3gpm5gpm


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