EFFECTIVE January 1, 2017

Definition: The County and/or State Board of Health sets the required amount of water that must be available for use in residential and commercial buildings at Powder Mountain and throughout the State.

These amounts as they apply to Powder Mountain are as follows:

  1. 800 gallons per day for single dwelling on a single lot.
  2. 800 gallons per day for each condominium unit in a condominium unit.
  3. 625 gallons per day for each individual, based on the sleeping capacity of the hotel/motel.
  4. Commercial buildings are determined by the State Board of Health in the review of its use.

Powder Mountain Water and Sewer Improvement District uses 800 gallons figured as a basic unit and this is described as an equivalent unit. For example, if a hotel or commercial building was found to require 48,000 gallons a day, five equivalent units would be required to serve that building.


Water connection fee: $5,000 for each equivalent unit.

Water Service Fee for single dwelling:

  1. Non-Connected: $37.00 per month.
  2. Connected: $44.00 per month.

Commercial Service Fee:

  1. Connected: $55.00 per equivalent unit.

There is a minimum charge and supplies 6,000 gallons per each equivalent unit per month. Additional water usage will be charged per 1,000 gallons.

Water Hook Up Fees:

                Culinary Water Service Connection Fee:

Meter Size (Inches)Meter ChargeInspection ChargeTrip ChargeMinimum Total ChargeService Line Installation
¾$348.00$150.00$100.00$598.00By Developer
1$441.00$150.00$100.00$691.00By Developer
1 ½$889.00$150.00$100.00$1052.00By Developer
2$1135.00$150.0$100.00$1326.00By Developer
3Special Pricing    
4Special Pricing    
6Special Pricing    
8Special Pricing    



Sewer Connection fee $6,500.00 for each equivalent unit supplied to the facility at all area.

Sewer Service Fee:

  1. Non-Connected: $37.00 per month
  2. Connected: $44.00 per month

Commercial Service Fee:

  1. $55.00 per equivalent Unit

Sewer Hookup Fees:

                Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Fee

Cleanout LocatorInspection ChargeTrip ChargeMinimum Total ChargeService Line Installation
$250.00$150.00$100.00$500.00By Developer



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